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Is Mortgage Forbearance Free Money? Featured Image

Is Mortgage Forbearance Free Money?

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the term mortgage forbearance mentioned in news and media articles. But what exactly does forbearance mean and is it free money? We sat down with Tom Sawyer, Resident Mortgage Loan Originator and Craig Schrank, EVP of Willow Bend Mortgage to give you further insight into this complicated topic.

Paying Your 2019 Property Taxes: What You Need to Know Featured Image

Paying Your 2019 Property Taxes: What You Need to Know

While no amount of tax information could be considered awe-inspiring, we want to ensure you’re in-the-know. Specifically, we want to answer your questions about who pays property taxes and when, who qualifies for a homestead exemption, and how to challenge your property tax assessment. Because one thing we know for absolute sure is, property taxes are coming due! You can run but you can’t … not pay.

5 Tips to Selling Your Home This Summer Featured Image

5 Tips to Selling Your Home This Summer

If you can’t shake the idea of purchasing a new home—the one with the larger backyard, extra bathrooms, more privacy, or downsizing to be closer to your grandchildren—consider this your nudge. Right now is not only the perfect time for some R&R, but it’s the perfect time to list your home. To help you sift through the minutiae to best position your home to sell in your market, here are five tips to get you ready.

Home Loan Mortgage Checklist Featured Image

Home Loan Mortgage Checklist

Are you thinking of buying a home, but unsure of what the steps are to getting a mortgage? The amount of paperwork can seem quite daunting, but we’ve streamlined as much as we can here at Willow Bend Mortgage. Here is a list of the information normally needed when you are applying for a home mortgage.

Homebuyer Guide Featured Image

Homebuyer Guide

There are many important things to consider throughout the process, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer. Here’s some information that will keep you on track.

Mortgage Process Featured Image

Mortgage Process

Curious as to what the home loan process is like with Willow Bend Mortgage? We’ve made it as easy and streamlined as possible. Click through to see our simple 4-step process.


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