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What Type of Loan Is Best for You?

Home Loan Types

Purchase & Refinance Home Loans

There are many types of home loans from which to choose. The best type of loan for you will depend on your situation and goals.

Adjustable Rate Read More

These loans typically offer the lowest starting interest rate. After the initial fixed-rate period, your rate will then adjust with the market conditions. These loans can be a great option if you plan to sell your house before you expect rates to go up.

VA Loans Read More

VA loans are an extremely affordable option for veterans, active duty military, reservists, and qualified surviving spouses. They insure lenders against default and offer low-interest loans and require no down payment. As a service for those who have served our country, WBM waives origination fees on VA loans.

Fixed-Rate Read More

Use these loans to lock in the market rate for the life of your loan. Fixed-rate loans make planning easier because you always know what your principal and interest payment will be.*

Condo Loans

We are specialists in working with condo development in major cities that other lenders are not able to originate loans on. Because of our condo project approval process and condo programs available to our clients, we make the condo loan process as seamless as possible.

FHA Loans Read More

FHA loans are an excellent choice for first-time homebuyers or those looking for flexible credit and down payment requirements.

Jumbo Loans Read More

Jumbo loans are for homes that the loan amount is over conventional loan limits. Special eligibility rules apply and our professional loan originators are here to guide you through the process.

Home Renovation Loans Read More

Remodeling a home – from renovating a kitchen or bathroom to adding a new room – can be fairly expensive. There are many affordable financing options that are great for creating your dream home by remodeling, renovating, upgrading, or adding onto a new home or your current home.

Construction Home Loans

While construction loans aren’t easy, we’re here to help! At Willow Bend, one of our specialties is making the home construction loan process streamlined.

Reverse Mortgages

If you’re over 62 years old, a reverse mortgage lets you convert part of your home’s equity into cash, which you’re free to use however you'd like. A great benefit is that you don’t have to start repaying the loan as long as you live in the house!

*Escrow, fees, insurance, and property taxes can subjectively change your monthly payment annually.

Our Mortgage Process

Curious as to what the home loan process is like with Willow Bend Mortgage? We’ve made it as easy and streamlined as possible. Click through to see our 4-step process.

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