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Remarks from our Executive team


Name: Natalie Alexander // Title: Chief Financial Officer


February 2022:

The last two years in the mortgage industry have simultaneously showered us with challenges and blessings.  We overcame obstacles that we faced together, and we celebrated the victories that we achieved as a team.  We enjoyed record breaking volumes, enabling us to reinvest in our companies, our technology, our people, our homes and families, and store up for the future.  We learned we are resilient. 

In my near eleven years at Willow Bend, I have experienced much change, but one thing hasn’t changed- our commitment to our people, and our people are like family.  We are well poised to build upon the foundation we have built.  We will continue to pursue excellence, each day working to become better.  I’m excited for the year ahead.  By this time each year the financial forecast has been set, goals are big, and opportunity abounds.  Every year has the potential to be the best year yet.  Willow Bend is growing and thriving.  Walk alongside us and let’s grow together.  Our employees, our business partners, and our clients, are the reason for our success, and we truly appreciate you. 

We have the strongest team that we have ever had, and we have big plans.    



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