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— Loan Originator Shout-out —

Loan Originator Shout-out:
Cindy Arredondo


Name: Cindy Arredondo // Title: Residential Mortgage Loan Originator


Cindy Arredondo’s Loan Originator Shout-out:

Owning a home is a complex dream for so many. The process is daunting, the money is big, and the commitment is vast. But, if you are lucky enough to work with Cindy Arredondo, you will hear her say two simple words, “Let’s Go.”

Cindy’s “Let’s Go” drive has helped her become one of the best LO’s here at Willow Bend Mortgage. She prides herself on meeting the customers needs, while educating them along the way. Her Regional Manager, Robert Cordova, puts it simply, “Cindy has the gift of hard work – she goes out and gets it! She has the heart of a champion.”

She joined Willow Bend Mortgage in 2018, but has been in the industry for over 15 years. She states,

“I wanted to be a part of the best! We are a family – it feels like home at Willow Bend.”

Cindy, Willow Bend cannot be more proud to call you ours! Keep up the amazing work!



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