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— Loan Originator Shout-out —

Loan Originator Shout-out:
Drew Brenner


Name: Drew Brenner // Title: Senior Loan Originator


Drew Brenner’s Loan Originator Shout-out:

When it comes loan originators at Willow Bend Mortgage, Drew Brenner is jockeying for position at the front of the line! In just three years with the company, Drew has grown his business by more than 250% with a chance to outproduce some very seasoned company veterans!  

“Having a really good team and support system is what’s made the difference,” Drew said. He implied that he doesn’t drink a magic potion of any kind, but according to Mike Wolfe he does have a differentiator. Mike noted, “I personally witnessed Drew putting in the work every day. He started slow and then went into Beast Mode!” Chad Stansell added, “Drew is a testament to consistency and hard work. His dedication to his clients and referral partners is unparalleled.”

So, although Drew is humble and quick to give his credit to others, there are plenty of others who see that he’s got a special talent.

Keep up the great work, Drew! Willow Bend Mortgage is proud to work for you!




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