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— Loan Originator Shout-out —

Loan Originator Shout-out:
Aide Saenz


Name: Aide Saenz // Title: Residential Mortgage Loan Originator


Aide Saenz’s Loan Originator Shout-out:

“Aide’s top priority and reason for doing what she does is to help families accomplish their dream of Homeownership!” Jo-Anne Lamorey, Corpus Christi Branch Manager

When riding the path of the ever-changing landscape, that is mortgage, you can see Aide Saenz walking that journey.  Throughout her 20 years in the industry, she’s seen the highest highs and the lowest lows. 

Through it all, Aide has had the same mentality, to put people into homes and help them achieve the dream of homeownership. 

Speaking of challenges and obstacles that come her way, Aide states, “My faith has kept me grounded. and has humbled me many times.  If I didn’t have trials and challenges, then it wouldn’t help me grow, and have a smarter and better mindset to help people.” 

Aide’s goals are to educate her borrowers so that they know she has their best interests at heart.  “Educating borrowers is giving the basic knowledge they need so they can walk away feeling accomplished and in the same essence, have learned a little something.”

And that makes Aide Saenz unique in the industry, and with her by your side, you’ll make a long-lasting relationship! 



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