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Remarks from our Executive team


Name: Todd Boeding // Title: SVP of National Sales


November 2021:

In the business world, most companies classify growth based on number of personnel, volume of sales, or other tangible metrics. While we measure those things at Willow Bend Mortgage, it’s not how we determine our growth.

When the pandemic started almost two calendar years ago, Willow Bend Mortgage was already headed into our next evolution of growth. Like all companies, however, we were forced to become defensive for a time due to the overwhelming demand for our services. More than anything, it was a matter of survival – just put your head down, pump your arms fast, and put one foot in front of the other! We survived the surge of refinancing homeowners while getting the majority of the pieces in place so we could grow (it kind of felt like we were stepping on the gas while we were changing the oil).

In the months coming, we are excited to continue our growth in our intentional way, and to us growth means growing people, growing existing relationships, and making new ones! We know that if we take care of our employees, they’ll take care of our clients. And if we take care of our clients, our clients will keep coming back.

Reflecting on this past month, I think what I was most excited about, was that we proved the importance of coming together in person. Our annual branch manager meeting gave us the opportunity to crystallize our thinking in regards to direction, and refining the type of company we are going to be for our employees, customers, and partners…all while having a little competitive fun by way of cornhole and chili! 

Additionally, we were able to roll out our Way Better Offer program which is how we guarantee the seller that their home is being purchased by a qualified buyer – that’s right, we actually put our money where our approval is and we guarantee the seller that the buyer can buy it. 

After another successful month in October, some great new hires, a Way Better Offer program, and a lot of togetherness – we look forward to November and what all is to come at Willow Bend Mortgage! 



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