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Remarks from our Executive team


Name: Kevin Johnston // Title: SVP of Operations


March 2022:

February is a great month for sports.  We get the Super Bowl, Spring training starts for baseball, the NBA season is in full swing and the NBA All Star game is played, NCAA basketball is heating up and heading into conference tournaments, and the NHL season has taken shape and the contenders are making playoff runs. 

Otherwise – February is awful.  It’s been cold for months, Springtime seems like a distant hope, there’s the whole Valentine’s Day thing, and the mortgage business is slower than slow.  Production typically hits bottom in January and February.  We see it every year but it we never quite get used to it. 

The good news is, WBM is plenty strong enough to weather the off season, and we’re plenty smart enough to make good use of the opportunity.  With the spring and summer buying seasons on the horizon, we are plugging in some improvements to our tech platforms;  things like the copy tool, the doorbell, form favorites, and the Home Counselor automation.  We are also broadening our product portfolio with Non-QM options and some additional DPA programs.  Another one of our most anticipated projects is a focus group made up of Originators, Processors, and Underwriters that is designed to get the perspectives and opinions of our front-line teammates and use that information to facilitate improvements to communication, operational process, and company culture.  Stay tuned for those enhancements. 

It may be low tide production-wise, but it’s pedal-to-the-metal in terms of continuing our efforts to make WBM the best place to Originate, Process, Underwrite, and Close a mortgage loan. 

As our competitors react to the market, we prepare for it and put ourselves in a great position to serve our borrowers and our communities; and to support our teammates to be the best in the business. 



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